Help WWCF Preserve Our Internet Stream

We’re making our listening audience aware of the possible decision to end our internet stream. Currently, WWCF does not have sufficient funds to cover the expenses associated with our internet stream such as music royalties, server costs, equipment, internet service, and state and federal administration fees. However, we wanted to give our listeners the opportunity for their voice to be heard and possibly help keep our broadcast available online.

In order to maintain the internet stream, WWCF needs $2500 by January 1, 2022. The humble amount of money the station currently takes in is not enough to cover the costs of broadcasting both over the air and on the internet. As a non-profit organization, we rely on our listeners for financial support and we cannot continue to fund our internet stream out of pocket.

If we are unable to raise $2500 by 9pm on December 31, 2021, WWCF will cease its online stream at midnight. This would only effect the internet stream. Our over the air FM broadcast will continue as usual.

We’ve modified our donation page to allow you to donate directly to preserving the internet stream. Should we not meet our $2500 goal, there is also the option to have your donation returned or utilized for operating the FM broadcast. A donation not earmarked for preserving the internet stream will not count toward the goal. If you would like to donate with a check, it must be received by December 30, 2021. Please allow ample time for the check to be delivered. Donations toward the internet stream made either on our website or by check will not be utilized or deposited until we confirm that we have met our goal. Our mailing address can be found on our contact page.

Thank you for your support over the years. Your generous, tax-deductible contributions mean a great deal to keeping the music and programs that otherwise wouldn’t be available in this area accessible to numerous listeners. Help WWCF, and we will continue with a passion for the music and honor your support.