WWCF Programs


Sound Beat
Produced by Syracuse University Libraries at the Belfer Audio Archive
Monday-Friday 7 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM

A quick trip through the history of recorded sound! Each Sound Beat episode focuses on a particular recording from the Archive, and provides a back story detailing its place in recording history. What kinds of recordings? Popular and classical music performances, film scores those from distinctly American musical forms like jazz, bebop, country, and bluegrass. Old favorites, rare gems, and some we guarantee you’ve never heard before…from vaudeville to vinyl, you’ll hear it all on Sound Beat.

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Climate Connections
Produced by the Yale Center for Environmental Communication
Monday-Friday 9 AM, 2 PM, 8 PM (7 PM on Tuesday)

Climate Connections is a 90-second radio series that aims to help listeners understand how climate change is already impacting our lives and what diverse people and organizations are doing to reduce the associated risks. The series “connects the dots” between climate change and energy, extreme weather, public health, food and water, jobs and the economy, national security, and the creative arts, among other themes.

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Democracy Now!
Hosted by Amy Goodman & Juan Gonzalez
Monday-Friday 12-1 PM

A global, independent news hour anchored by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, Democracy Now! presents daily headlines followed by in-depth discussions from a rich diversity of people and perspectives rarely heard from in mainstream media. Guests include international journalists, scholars, respected scientists, authors, analysts, filmmakers and ordinary people who are most affected by the news events.

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Global Village
Hosted by Chris Heim
Monday-Thursday 9-10 PM / Sunday 11 AM – 12 PM

Global Village is an eclectic, world music-based show. It features the latest and best in world music new releases and classics along with a wide variety of artists and selections from nearly all other genres of music that incorporate influences from around the world.

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Folk Alley
Hosted by Elena See
Wednesday 4-6 PM

Every week, host Elena See collects the best in traditional and contemporary folk, Americana and roots music from the latest releases, classics, and exclusive Folk Alley in-studio and live concert recordings.

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The International Americana Music Show
Hosted by Michael Park
Thursday 4-5 PM

Every week, The International Americana Music Show features a selection of the best Americana music made solely by non-American artists. New York based, Scottish broadcaster Michael Park presents each engaging and informative hour-long show and chats with some of the artists about their influences and their love for Americana music.

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Stuck in the Psychedelic Era
Hosted by “The Hermit”
Monday 7-8 PM

Stuck in the Psychedelic Era is rooted in the music created by self-contained American bands of the late 1960s (and their British inspirations), yet is constantly expanding beyond those roots to create an eclectic blend of music unlike anything else in modern radio. Much of the music is taken directly from vintage vinyl, scratches and all. The rest comes from Compact Disc compilations and re-issues of original albums, all taken from the Hermit’s personal collection.

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Hosted by Nick and Helen Forster
Friday 4-5 PM

eTown is an independent radio program hosted by Nick and Helen Forster that seamlessly blends great live music from top musicians with conversation about the health and welfare of our communities. eTown has been on the air from coast to coast for more than two decades. The shows are recorded in front of a live audience, usually in eTown’s own solar powered theater, eTown Hall, in downtown Boulder, Colorado.

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Live From Jorma Kaukonen’s Fur Peace Ranch
Hosted by Jorma Kaukonen
Saturday 8-9 PM

Every week, renowned guitarist Jorma Kaukonen introduces each program’s featured artist in a series of concerts recorded at the Fur Peace Ranch guitar camp. Performances encompass an eclectic blend of blues, folk, Americana, rock, bluegrass, and jazz.

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The Midnight Special
Hosted by Marilyn Rea Beyer
Sunday 12-2 AM

The Midnight Special is one of the most enduring syndicated folk music radio programs from the WFMT Radio Network. Established in Chicago on 98.7 WFMT-FM in 1953, the program went national in 1971. It has stayed current through decades of change, rich in tradition and history while retaining its timeliness, delighting listeners throughout the world with gentle irreverence or touching them with candid observation.

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Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour
Hosted by Michael Johnathon
Sunday 8-9 AM

Taped every week in the Lyric Theater in Lexington, Kentucky, WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour features the best grassroots and acoustic music, as well as conversation from a wide variety of unique artists.

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Big Picture Science
Hosted by Seth Shostak & Molly Bentley
Sunday 12-1 PM

Big Picture Science does more than interview top scientists and technology innovators. Produced at the SETI Institute’s radio studio in Mountain View, California, each week’s themed episode connects the latest research ideas to identify emerging trends – and why they matter. Seth Shostak (the scientist) and Molly Bentley (the science journalist) use smart and humorous storytelling. They won’t just keep your attention, they’ll grab it.

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Classical Guitar Alive!
Hosted by Tony Morris
Sunday 8-9 PM

Classical Guitar Alive! features great music and fascinating interviews with many of the world’s leading guitar performers and composers. Join host Tony Morris for Classical Guitar Alive!, an unabashedly enthusiastic and fast-paced romp through the classical repertory of the world’s most popular musical instrument.

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Millennium of Music
Hosted by Robert Aubry Davis
Sunday 9-10 PM

Millennium of Music is the world’s longest running program featuring early music. Host and producer Robert Aubry Davis regularly presents the sources and mainstreams of European music from the thousand years before the birth of Bach.

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The Chamber
Hosted by Dirk DeVault
Sunday 9 PM-1 AM

The Chamber closes out the weekend with select live programs and relaxing new age music to re-energize you for the week ahead.