Overview & History

A Brief History and Overview of WWCF


WWCF’s programming resembles the Free Form Format of early FM radio or more recently the Album Adult Alternative (AAA). The Triple A format has a broader, more diverse playlist than most other formats and tends to appeal more to adults than to teenagers.

Musical selection tends to be within the genres of folk, blues, Americana, alternative country, bluegrass, indie rock, jazz and world music.

We believe that various types of music have common themes or threads which tie them all together and that quality music programming can expand people’s horizons and provide a community oriented alternative to the typical distractions present in the broadcast area. Radio creates the magic by which artists communicate with listeners through their music.

Who is Cove Mountain Educational Broadcasting, Inc.?

Cove Mountain Educational Broadcasting, Inc. is a Maryland nonprofit corporation formed for the purpose of operating a non-commercial, educational (NCE) broadcasting channel on the FM band. Cove Mountain Educational Broadcasting, Inc. will be better known to its listeners as WWCF 88.7 FM. A Public Radio station in the local community.

WWCF’s goal is to form a nonprofit cooperative of individuals dedicated to facilitating communication and education as they pertain to progressive ideals within the community of license and within those communities whose lives are connected to the radio station by way of personal interaction and through listenership.

Public Radio is not commercial radio. WWCF 88.7 FM will be completely unique in the community. Listeners who are familiar with Public Radio must tune out of the market (listening to radio stations from Baltimore or Washington) or are listeners of local classical and religious programming. Public Radio operates on the FM dial, particularly in the reserved space between 88.1 MHz and 91.9 MHz, where these frequencies are secured for noncommercial use only. The majority of funding for Public Radio comes from listener support.

WWCF 88.7 FM is a listener-sponsored public radio station broadcasting and streaming from studios located at 16315 Shinham Road in Hagerstown, MD. The Hagerstown studios location is a temporary solution created in order to expedite the opportunity to begin broadcasting. WWCF’s long range plans include finding permanent studios, most likely in or around Mercersburg, PA. The new studios are planned to include a live music performance area with facilities for video and audio recording capabilities.

Our Mission

The mission of Cove Mountain Educational Broadcasting, Inc. is to provide broadcast content that educates, informs and delights. We believe in the unity of music as a medium to express thoughts and emotions. With unity in music programming there are no classical emotions, rock and roll ideas, or jazz feelings; there is simply a oneness of music which should be available to all who wish to experience it. Our programming seeks to maintain the fundamental principles of integrity, quality, diversity, and respect for peoples in all communities and the world in which we all share. WWCF 88.7 FM is an alternative to local radio programming.

Our Goals

The goals of Cove Mountain Educational Broadcasting, Inc. start with the conspicuous objective of turning an under-utilized, under-funded radio station into a professional, sought-after radio signal. Attaining the objective increases the value of the station and propels the channel into the community. Cove Mountain Educational Broadcasting, Inc. plans include building a dedicated working team, who are a respected in the eyes (and ears) of the communities it serves. With community respect and funding support the radio station will secure its place on the FM dial (and the Internet) and become a major component of people’s lives.