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Featured New Releases – 10/20/2017

All kinds of new music has been added to the station’s library, from new albums by some of music’s legendary performers, to brand new material from musicians who are just getting started. Check out the links below for more info, and stay tuned to WWCF 88.7 FM on the dial and streaming here at to hear all this and the rest of the new music that’s been added to our playlists.
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Featured New Releases – 3/4/2017

We’ve got a fresh collection of brand new music releases that have been added to our library here at WWCF. Enjoy the new offerings from legendary music icons as well as artists that are just breaking into the music scene. As springtime approaches, between heat waves and cold spells, be sure to tune in to WWCF 88.7 FM for our broadcast of great music!
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Featured New Releases – 12/23/2016

With Christmas and the greater holiday season upon us, we’ve come bearing gifts of the musical variety, specifically new releases, including an assortment of tunes fit for the festive time of year. Listed below is a portion of fresh material newly added to our broadcast. In addition to all the new music, we’ve also been adding a variety of older holiday recordings, so whether you prefer to enjoy your aural entertainment on a hi-fi stereo or your personal mobile device, stay tuned to WWCF 88.7 FM this holiday season for more great music!
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